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hello and thank you for watching 9news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. thursday is here. you almost made it. i'm mike hydeck. good morning. hey, monika. >> one more day. >> mr. howard bernstein, take it away. we have showers up north. even a little lightning and thunder. places in frederick, that stuff is moving into caroll county. howard county seeing a little bit of it. we'll see most of the day rain free, believe it or not but late this afternoon, this evening, we've got that threat of showers and storms returning. here's a look at our day planner this morning. we are expecting a warm day. yesterday got to 84. today maybe close to that i'm going 82, 83 degrees for that high. noontime temp in the upper 70s. we'll come back down to about 79 by 5. don't be surprised especially out toward the shenandoah valley by the drive home you're seeing more showers and storms but this morning the activity is generally along and north of i-70, i-68 and north. i want to zoom in and show you this. our temperatures milder, running in the 60s. these showers and storms have come through frederick right
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now with more showers in western maryland and we'll see them leave westminster as well. 5:00 straight up, here's monika. she's got a look at timesaver traffic. we have one big story this morning and that's north of the beltway. if you're planning to head on university boulevard, you want to watch out for an accident. it involves one vehicle but it hit a utility pole and brought two poles down along with it. let's go to our live picture from our kevin king at university boulevard and dennis avenue where you'll see police on the scene here and the road is blocked in both directions, university boulevard at dennis avenue. so i suggest you go ahead and use edgewood avenue as your alternate route. the flares are set up which means it may take some time to clean that situation up. we'll have more on that of course throughout the morning. in the meantime let's go back over to our maps. if you're planning to head over to the other side of town in from southern maryland, route 4, route 5, route 301, andrews air force base down to the wilson bridge, everything is fine. no issues inside the beltway to 295 and the 11th street bridge.
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this time 95 at route 198 coming down to the beltway and college park, you'll be fine. i'll be back in a few minutes with more at 5:09. almost 48 hours after the monday night football fiasco ruling that caused an uproar, the three-month lockout of n.f.l. referees is over. it ended late last night. >> it did. the two sides held two days of face-to-face meetings trying to reach an agreement and get the regular referees back on the field for goodness sake. guess what? they start tonight in baltimore. kristin fisher is live at fed ex field with a look at how the skins might look ahead to maybe some better refereeing. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: that's right. good morning, mike. the next time the redskins play here at fed ex field, the real refs should be back officiating the game. this agreement is only temporary, not quite a done deal just yet. it still needs to be ratified by the union but it's enough to get the real refs back on the field officiating tonight's game with the ravens in
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baltimore. so huge news. and it broke right after midnight. n.f.l. commissioner roger goodell released a statement saying, quote, this agreement supports long-term reforms that will make officiating better. the teams, players and fans want and deserve the consistency and quality in officiating. we look forward to having the finest officials in the sport back on the field. i want to give a special thanks to the n.f.l. fans for their passion. now it's time to put the focus back on the teams and players where it belongs. this statement, this agreement comes after two full days of face-to-face talks thanks to that terrible call during monday night football. that got the two sides back to the negotiating table. just hours before an agreement was reached, terry mccallier, a real n.f.l. referee said on our newscast, he talked about one of the big sticking points in the negotiations: pensions. listen to this. >> yes, the economy has changed, things have changed but we have to remember one thing. the n.f.l. is not like caterpillar.
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they're a virtually a monopoly with -- contributing 06% less to our pension through a defined contribution was unacceptable to us and it was a take it or leave it deal for them. >> reporter: it is those pensions that the ref union and n.f.l. were able to compromise on. so here's some of the terms of this tentative agreement. the current pension plan will remain in place for the current n.f.l. refs through the 2016 season. then it will be frozen and replaced by a defined contribution agreement starting in 2017. and then finally the referees' salaries will increase from an average of $149,000 a year to $205,000 a year by 2019. a lot of people are thinking my goodness, you know, these refs will have less than 24 hours notice to begin officiating tonight's game in baltimore. how are they going to do it? we'll talk about that coming up at 5:30. mike, andrea?
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>> all right, thanks, kristin. going to be interesting tonight. >> yes, it will. friends and neighbors gathered to remember a herndon, virginia family found dead inside their home. a vigil for the peterson family took place at the floorest methodist church. the father albert peterson shot his two sons and wife before taking his own life. 16-year-old matthew was a high school student and his 13-year- old brother was a middle school student. yesterday we told but a d.c. man who has been repeatedly stalked and assaulted by his exgirl friend. karen young has been sentenced to 180 days in jail on domestic abuse charges. however, the judge suspended all but seven days of that sentence. she's also been ordered to serve one year probation and undergo mental health assessments as well as drug and alcohol screening. pepco customers, two pieces of bad news for you this morning. d.c. leaders have approved pepco's request of a rate hike
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which works out to be $2.60 more per month on the average bill which is about a half of the $5 hike pepco requested. however, union representing pepco workers has rejected what pepco called its final contract offer. that increases the chance now of a strike or a lockout. pepco says the strike if it happens would not be affecting service. it is 5:06. time for the latest your money report of the morning. >> good morning to jessica doyle. >> good morning. all about the economy yet again today. we'll find out today how much it's growing and as well how many americans are filing for first time until employment benefits. we could use some good news because yesterday, wall street hit a bump in the road when protests over wage cuts in greece pushed down stocks worldwide. there are concerns that the recession in europe could very well influence the global economy and that means right here at home. checking the numbers, the dow stands at 13,413 after dropping
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44 points. the nasdaq was down by 24 and the s&p 500 was down by 8 points. the burden of student loans is hitting a record number of households. nearly one in five nowadays. the research center found 19% of american households were carrying college debt in 2010. that's double the share back in 19 # 9. because of -- 1989. because of the sluggish economy fewer college students than before have been able to settle into full-time careers immediately following graduation. the chain link security fences have gone up around fannie mae headquarters in upper northwest. protesters plan to storm the building demanding the mortgage giant end home evictions. protests are also planned outside of the silver spring home of the acting director of the federal housing finance agency. protesters say they are willing to risk arrests in this protest. you can imagine this is a block away from us. >> i saw the chain link fence the other day.
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>> this will probably snarl traffic in the area while this is going on. >> what do you have for us in the next half-hour? >> fall travel bargains. pack your suitcases. we're finding you savings and having fun along the way. >> thanks, jess. a 37-yard crime mystery could be -- 37-year-old crime mystery could be solved by this weekend. that story is coming up. the national park service takes the next step when it comes to repairing earthquake damage at the washington monument. >> would bryce harper's mystery making homer be enough to hold off the phillies? highlights coming up.
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we've been tracking some showers, even thunderstorms well fort of us. they're moving quickly to the east. anybody along and north of i- 75, i-68 you have a chance to see a shower or storm this morning. the rest of us will probably have to wait till late this afternoon or this evening. looking at the day planner wearks go together -- we're going to see some sunshine mixed with clouds. 70 by noon. upper 70s at 6:00. monika? if you're planning to head north of the beltway on university boulevard near dennis avenue in the four corners area this is what you should expect. a car accident involving two utility poles down. the road is blocked there. you might want to use edgewood avenue as your alternate route. i'll have more coming on that in my next report. making news now at 5:10, egypt's new president had a strong message about syria in his first united nations general assembly. he called the civil war a
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tragedy and said the u.n. must intervene to stop this catastrophe. it's believed more than 30,000 people have died in the 18- month long conflict. will the 37-year-old mystery of jimmy hoffa's disappearance be solved this week? tomorrow crews are going to dig up some cement at a home in roseville, michigan. police got a tip from a credible source that something was buried there the same time hoffa disappeared. the teamsters boss is rumored to be buried many places, including giant stadium but he's never been found. the same company that built the ronald reagan building will be repairing the washington monument. the national park service announced its chosen contract -- it's chosen a contractor wednesday. the monument has been closed since the earthquake 13 months ago and will likely remain closed till 2014. if you know a bride who's planning her wedding, she can join brides against breast cancer and get a deeply discounted wedding gown. we have the details at 5:49. >> in sports at 5:21, the nationals will be losing one of
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their coaches after this season. >> who knew. >> howard is going to tell us just how much rain we could be getting. he has the seven-day forecast right after this.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. it's 5:14. here's howard with another look at our forecast after the all the nice cool starts to the morning. it's a little muggy outside. >> it is muggy.
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not fall like with temps in the 60s. the humidity is up. we even had a few thunderstorms during the overnight period. some in d.c. late last night. >> i missed it. >> you were a sleep. >> we didn't have it. >> it missed you? there were wet streets, especially north of town. we have showers and storms which have been rumbling across those areas. north baltimore seeing that. here's a look at your bus stop forecast on this thursday morning. some showers to the north. otherwise just a mild and muggy morning. temps in the 60s. down toward culpeper and warrenton, there's even a touch of fog in the air. visibilities a mile or less in a few spots. we will see a mix of sun and clouds today. that will help boost temperatures to near 80 by noon. winds sort of variable at 5 miles an hour. by this evening, though, clouds will increase and another piece of energy means more showers and storms will be possible late this afternoon into the evening hours. maybe the first part of the night. so if you've got plans during the day they should be okay. but the ravens are home tonight. that may get impacted. this morning the showers and storms up to our north, you see this cluster of lightning and
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thunder which is passing and has passed our northern counties in frederick and carol and now passing baltimore county. but we've got more showers which are coming out of hancock along 70 headed toward hagerstown and green castle. so those areas we'll have to watch. we may see it slip toward the martinsburg area in a chill. temps running in the 60s. manassas has fallen to 59. it's 67 at andrews. 64 in crofton and rockville. 66 for leesburg. 62 in centreville at this hour. and here in washington doesn't look bad at all outside on our michael & son weather camera. cloudy skies. the lights are on. good visibility here. a quiet morning so far on wisconsin avenue. 67 degrees at national. winds south at 6. the dew points now in the 60s. a couple days ago they were in the 40s. that's when it really felt beautiful outside. we're seeing this frontal boundary. this actually stretches all the way back toward texas. a little piece of energy, can you see this twist right here coming through kentucky,
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southern indiana. that will be arriving late this afternoon, this evening. that's going to enhance the shower and thunderstorm chance then. but in the short term, we'll lift it north. looking quiet through noon. here we are at dinner time, 6:00 p.m. now as the showers into western maryland approaching the shenandoah valley. coming across the region. generally after dark tonight with scattered showers and storms. tomorrow we're looking at a few showers and storms here and there, especially in the afternoon and especially south and east of d.c. here's a look at the forecast. we'll be into the low 80s today. late thunderstorms possible and tonight. again some scattered showers and storms. 60 to 65. maybe upper 50s in the cool spots. 78 tomorrow with a chance of those afternoon showers. then isolated showers on saturday. mainly south of town. high around 70. sunday 74 and monday 72. let's go to monika here at 5:17 with the latest on timesaver traffic. all of our major thoroughfares are actually in pretty good shape this morning, including in virginia on the northbound side of i-95 from triangle to woodbridge and all the way to spring field.
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we'll take a live look a little further north on to 395 where you can see that all of your lanes are open and traffic is really light at 5:17 in the morning heading for the 14th street bridge. this is what 66 looks like as well insides the beltway. we'll take a live look outside the beltway here at gallows road approaching 495. it looks like things are just ginning to load up a bit but no delays so far in from centreville. now a live shot of an accident we've been telling you about since early this morning here. university boulevard at dennis avenue. a car brought down two utility poles, flares are up. police are directing traffic. maybe you just want to use edgewood avenue as your all alternate route. more traffic at 5:23. >> thank you, monika. we have proof the nats and orioles had officially gotten the nation's attention. >> both team had no problem with the offensive side of play yesterday. highlights coming up in sports. let's take another look at our question of the morning. most men and women say this is the number one turnoff when dating.
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is it a, rude or bad manners, b, bad breath, c, ing married? >> our facebook friend brigette wrote, you can fix bad breath. you can fix bad manners but you can't fix a cheater, c. >> log on to the wusa9 facebook fan page. leave your response. we'll reveal the answer during the 6:00 hour.
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welcome back.
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5:21. your weather first. watching showers and storms well east of us. temperatures by 9:00, 60s and low 70s. we should be generally dry across the region. we'll watch the temperatures rise into the upper 70s by lunch time. highs in the low 80s. i want to point out as we get into the later afternoon, evening hours, showers and storms will move in from the west. i think this is a little slow. i think there's a better chance this stuff could be near us by 9:00. that could affect the ravens game in baltimore tonight. back to you. >> thank you, howard. in sports we have a little overnight nationals news. the houston astros are expected to name third base coach beau porter as the next manager. he will stay with the nats through the post-season run. >> washington scored five runs in the first two inning. bryce harper became just the second teenager in major league history to hit 20 homers in the season and he's not done yet. the phillies chipped away but then the nats seeldz the deal with three more runs in the top of the 9th. braves also won. the nats' magic number to
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clinch the nl east is four games. >> the orioles outscored the nationals as they in their league tried to catch the yankees in the al east. the manager got to watch a slugfest at camden yards last night against the blue jays. the os tied a franchise record with seven home runs. chris davis and rookie manny machado each hit two. they are a game and a half behind new york in the nl east now. >> in the rest of the sports world, they're noticing the baseball success in our area. the next "sports illustrated" cover celebrates us as the unlikely sports capital. that's thanks to the nationals success and the orioles threatening to make the post- season. the issue include as feature on davey johnson's success managing our nationals. for football fans, the big sports story this morning is the end of the n.f.l. referees' lockout. you'll get to scream at the professionals from now on. we'll have more on that coming
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up. >> they'll get a warm welcome but it will be short. plus, ready for a getaway? we have some inexpensive destinations coming up in the next your money report. can't wait for that monika, over to you. >> within the last 60 seconds, eastbound university boulevard was just reopened at dennis avenue at the scene of an early morning accident. westbound remains closed at the scene in four corners. i'll have more on this coming up in my next report at 5:28. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back.
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they want me to sing but i'm not going to do it. ♪ welcome back >> there you go. >> monika samtani? >> how come i don't get a song? >> howard here. >> good morning. thank you very much, michael. we've got a good day going. we're just a little crazy. it's almost friday. going to be crazier tomorrow. you'll have to tune in. we had some showers and storms
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overnight. we're watching that activity. we're also watching for the threat of some stuff a little later this afternoon and this evening. here's a look at our day planner. we still have an hour and a half and change until sunrise 7:01. 79 by noon. we'll have sunshine coming out here in a little while once we get rid of the morning showers north. then we're going to top out in the low #s on and finish the day owe 80s and finish the day about 79. look at all the action straddling the mason-dixon line this morning. it got loud in places like hagerstown to frederick to northern baltimore. watching another batch of showers now off to our west but generally quiet here. just a little bit of wind. just a little boundary of wind coming through areas in northern virginia but we'll watch the showers for a few more showers up north. temperatures this morning into the upper 50s in manassas. there's been a little fog in warrenton and culpeper but most of us muggy, 60s to start the day going into the low 80s here in d.c. let's go over to monika samtani at 5:28. she's got timesaver traffic. >> thank you so much, howard. good morning, everybody.
5:29 am
the big story of the morning as i've been saying since first report has been the accident on the north side of town north of the beltway near four corners on university boulevard at dennis avenue. our kevin king has been on the scene this morning. he tells us that the eastbound lanes were just reopened i would say about six minutes ago. westbound remains closed at the scene. you'll have to follow police direction to get around it. edgewood avenue i would say is still a good option for you here. north of the beltway near four corners, a car hit a utility pole and brought two poles down with him and crews have been on the scene ever since. let's go back over to our maps and this time to the other side of town. bw parkway, route 50, both look good through cheverly. there are no problems on the beltway in prince george's county. and a quick look live one more time, this time here. pennsylvania avenue heading over toward the sousa bridge, you can see over the annual cost ya river is incident free. i'll be back with more coming up at 5:38. back to you, guys. >> thanks, monika. in campaign 2012, both presidential candidates are retuing to virginia this morning. >> very popular state this
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election season. president obama headed to virginia beach. mitt romney is going to be at a veterans event in spring field. wednesday both men made appearances in the other -- one of the other battleground states. this time it was ohio. the latest poll there gives the president a 10-point lead and ohio carries 18 electoral votes. >> you probably are aware that there's an election going on right now in ohio. >> i believe you're going to help me win ohio. >> the romney campaign released a new one-minute ad trying to dispel the image that he's out of touch with ordinary people. early voting is already under way in two dozen states and it starts today in iowa and ohio it's tomorrow. game on for real. the regular n.f.l. referees will return to the field for tonight's game in baltimore. >> thank goodness. the league reached a contract agreement with the refs two days after face-to-face talks following that disastrous end to monday night football. kristin fisher is live at fed
5:31 am
ex field with an explanation on how they pulled off this de. good morning, kristin. >> reporter: good morning. well, the n.f.l. and the referees union leaders has been negotiating this agreement for almost a year since last october. one of the big holdups has been the issue of the referees' pensions. well, it appears that finally just before midnight the two sides were able to reach a compromise and here it s. these are just some of the materials of this eight-year collective bargaining agreement. the current pension plans are going to remain in place for the current referees through the 2016 season. then it will be frozen and replaced by a defined contribution agreement starting in 2017. then finally the referees' salaries are going to increase from an average of $149,000 a year to $205,000 a year by 2019. just hours before this agreement came down, we had a real n.f.l. referee terry mccallly on our
5:32 am
newscast -- mccauley on our newscast talking exactly about all this came to be. of course this agreement was helped a lot by the outcome of that monday night football game and that very controversial call. but even though these real refs have been sitting on the side lines all season, terry says they're ready to go. they've been training and practicing. take a listen what he had to say just hours before this agreement came down. >> we've been studying, we're aware of all the new rules. we've been working on tests and keeping ourselves in shape. and we're ready to go at a moment's notice. it could -- we could from our perspective do it. it would be up to the league whether they would. >> reporter: the real refs are ready to go. i'm sure the players and coaches are happy to have them back. you know the fans are. even though an agreement has indeed been reached, it's still only tentative. it's not a done deal just yet. the players union still needs -- excuse me, the referees union still needs to actually ratify that and that's going to be taking place over the weekend in dallas.
5:33 am
but not before the real refs are back on the field tonight in baltimore. so a huge deal. this has been a long time coming. finally we've got an end to this lockout. mike? >> thank goodness. hopefully it will change things for the better. thanks, kristin live at felt ex field this morning. other news, police have arrested three young men in last month's beating attack near eastern market. 29-year-old thomas maslin had gone to a nationals game, stopped for a drink at a local bar. when he was headed home, he was robbed and beaten just a few blocks from his home. he's slowly recovering after undergoing several brain surgeries. the suspects were arrested hours later for robbing some other people of their cell phones along 18th street. it took several weeks for police to connect them to the earlier attack. former d.c. council chair kwame brown is due in court next month for a hearing on an unspecified violation. it was added to the docket yesterday but prosecutors are not commenting on the reason
5:34 am
for the hearing. brown pleaded guilty in june to bank fraud and a misdemeanor campaign finance violation. he resigned as council chairman. he faces up to a year in prison. his sentencing was delayed till november because of his cooperation with prosecutors in ongoing investigations. it's 5:34. time for another your money report. >> jessica doyle is back with more consumer news. big savings and we're traveling this time, jess. where are you? >> i'm in cape cod. are you jealous? >> yes. >> we've been telling you for weeks the great travel bargains are to be add in the fall, the shoulder season. the fall is here. grab your suitcase. first we head off to cape cod. reports that the average room rate is down to $123. that's a drop of 30%. this is so cool. if you visit by october, you're going to catch the whales before they head south to warmer waters. there are also lots of other wildlife to see. you can go hiking, fishing.
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look at those people walking there just to name a few things. now, of course the rockies are beautiful this time of year. leaf peeking, the gulf is fantastic in september and october in breckenridge, colorado. fall golf rounds are costing 43% less than in summer and hotel rates are about 13% lower than during ski season. if you want a bit more heat, consider arizona and go see the grand canyon. "money" magazine reports that roommates in nearby flagstaff drop about 14% once summer ends to average $93 a night. if you're willing to drive, ticket prices into phoenix airport are dropping, too. speaking of airline tickets, hotwire has found some pretty big price cuts during the fall shoulder season. how about canada? fares are down 17% to montreal. down 16% to toronto to beautiful cities, great food, great culture, doesn't look like the grand canyon but we've got all this for you at a
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discount. i'll send it back to you guys. >> i'm ready to go. >> getting a little dizzy. thanks, jess. that was fun. we can't make friday arrive any faster but we can help you save. jessica is back in just a couple minutes. she has today's daily deals. a group of his tore yarns is offering evidence that -- historians is offering evidence that the upon that lisa is a -- mona lisa is a copy of an earlier painting. today's show deals with a once honor role student tiffany who has changed so dramatically, she's now terrorizing her family. in one altercation, things got so heated her mother was afraid for her life. >> i will do whatever i want whenever i want. >> how is that working for you? >> i get what i want. >> we take a look into the family dynamics and examine how they might be contributing to tiffany's recklessness. i'll see you back here at 4:00.
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5:38. your weather first on this thursday morning with partly to mostly cloud eye skies.
5:39 am
up north -- cloudy skies. up north we've been watching showers and thunderstorms and western merchandise midas well the last few hours that will be the case for another couple hours. here's the day planner. i think most of the day will be rain free with a mix of sun and clouds. by lunch time we're in the upper 70s. by early afternoon we're going to top out maybe around 82, possibly 83, 85 south of town. late this afternoon more likely this evening, looks like another round of showers and storms heads this way. monika? in four corners, university boulevard reopened in both directions now at dennis avenue. our kevin king is on the scene. he tells us that traffic is now moving. again both directions, university boulevard at dennis avenue. a live look here 270 at falls road, just a timey bit of volume heading for rockville. i'll be back with more traffic coming up in my next report. jess, back to you. i've been combing through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites to find you some deep discounts and here are some of my favorites on this thursday. just in time for autumn, e-bay is offering 61% off a leaf
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blower and mulcher vacuum. you can purchase this today. almost seems too good to be true. just $57.99 plus free shipping. you'll find this in e-bay's daily deals section of its website. go to the movies for 48% off. you're going to pay just $13 and get two tickets to the movies at any regal entertainment group theater or you can pay $29 for four tickets. this is one of the most popular deals going on right now on groupon. and the blue ridge shadows golf club in front royal, virginia has a golfing package for you and three of your besties. it includes unlimited golf, a cart rental, range bucket, four hot dogs and four cold drinks, all of that for 160 bucks. 60% off the $400 value. and this deal is available on the capitol deal website. if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from ow facebook. over to -- from you on
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facebook. over to you. >> and the hot dogs, too? i love it. it's considered one of the world's great works of art. >> but today the swiss-based mona lisa foundation is revealing evidence they say proves the paris painting is the second version paymentsed by leonardo da vinci. they claim another vision called the isleworth mona lisa predates the paris piece by 11 or 12 years. they say this piece is larger, has brighter colors and was painted on canvas unlike the other which was painted on wood. da vinci's most preferred medium. they say they've been working on this for 30 years. people have known about the painting for a long time. the summer wedding season is starting to slow down. >> but fall is heating up. if you know someone getting married soon, we'll tell you how to purchase deeply discounted wedding gowns and help a great cause at the same time. that's coming up. before we head to break,
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let's see who's celebrating a birthday today. actor and pitchman will federal brimley is 78. he was a teen idol. . sean cassidy is 54. >> sophia milos is 47. rapper little wayne is 30 now. gywneth paltrow is 40. happy birthday if it's your day, too.
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welcome back to 9news now. 5:45. looking forward to the weekend and looking forward to a football game with the pros officiating so we know who we we're hating.
5:46 am
>> they should just be doing their job. you don't know they're there. weather wise, let's get to weather. green bay, seattle, it shouldn't have been that close. let's get the bus stop forecast. a couple of showers north of town this morning along i-68, i- 70, those areas will see it better than closer in town south. it's mild. an day ya is -- andrea is going to blame the refs for the saints' starts. by noon we have temperatures which will be in the upper 70s to near 80. sunshine. we'll be somewhat sunny with a mix of clouds. late this afternoon into the evening hours from west to east, we'll see another round of showers and storms likely. by 8:00 75. we could have some thunderstorms around tonight
5:47 am
for the ravens game up in baltimore. a little thursday night football. there are the showers and storms north of us this morning waking folks up in frederick and hagerstown, even upper montgomery county and howard county saw some of the stuff move across. now we're looking at some other showers, not nearly as intense as the stuff earlier out to the the west. here's berkley springs. this is all moving east, northeast right along either side of interstate 68. temps are running in the 60s this morning. it's a mild and muggy morning. not cool and crisp like we've been enjoying the last several days. 63 in gaithersburg and hagueerstown. 66 easton and 64 in fredericksburg. down toward warrenton and culpeper. we have just a touch of fog. good visibility on our michael & son weather camera in northwest d.c. 67 degrees. mostly cloudy at national. dew point 64. it's way up there. frontal boundary stretches out from texas and oklahoma all the way across the mississippi valley here. the tennessee valley. and for us, we're still on the south side of that boundary. once this boundary slips to our south over the next couple of
5:48 am
days, we'll get some cooler, drier air to work in. those storms there, i think that's what we'll see late this afternoon and this evening. 82 today. a late thunderstorm returning. tonight low to mid-60s. maybe some upper 50s with scattered showers and storms. tomorrow upper 70s with some afternoon showers. maybe a rumble of thunder, especially south and east of town. isolated showers saturday and if we're lucky i'll pull it out of the forecast by noon. that front may get far enough south not to cause us any problems. 74 saturday. 74 sunday and 72 on monday. let's go over to monika samtani here at 5:48 with timesaver traffic. an accident now in virginia. it's on the northbound side of i-95 right before you get to aquia harbor. it's blocking the left lane so be aware of that as you head northbound on 95 toward aquia harbor. scoot over to the right to get around that activity. once you're beyond it, you're okay in woodbridge. there are no big delays to report here in springfield. we'll take a live look on the northbound side. you'll see that lanes are open. it is bunching up of course
5:49 am
from route 644 heading on to 395. that still looks good, by the way, in landmark. let's go back over to our maps this time to the north side of town. want to keep you posted on that situation in four corners on university boulevard at dennis avenue. i'm going to step out and show you a live picture here from our kevin king. he tells us that eastbound is open. westbound a couple of lanes still blocked here at loyalton road on the westbound side of university boulevard. a car hit a utility pole early this morning and brought it down with him. so if you're planning to head through this area, just watch out for this slow traffic through the area in four corners. i'll be back with more at 6:00. back to you guys. here's what's making news now at 5:49. ♪ it's the most wonderful time of the year ♪ >> that of course is andy williams. you hear his music every holiday season. and his signature song "moon river." was what you also will remember. andy williams died from bladder
5:50 am
cancer. he broke out with an appearance on the steve allen tonight show and later got his own tv show. it lasted nine years, scored 18 gold records. he was 84. major tourist attractions are closed, flights grounded and cruise ships docked in greece. thousands of greek workers took part in a general strike wednesday to rally against government spending cuts and tax hikes. police used tear gas whether some protests turned violent. smoke filled the sky over ocean city, maryland last night. crews from several fire departments rushed to the bradley on the bay condominiums which are on 37th street. everyone escaped just fine but at least three families need a new place to live now. these are definitely not bride zillas. they are bids against breast cancer. -- brides against blaster. a charity sale of bridal gowns is being held to help fight the disease. tell us when and where is the bridal sale? >> the bridal sale with over 700 designer gowns is happening at the dupont circle this
5:51 am
friday, saturday and sunday. we definitely welcome all brides. you do not have to be affected by canstory pa take in the great discounts -- partake in the great discounts. >> you have some beautiful gowns. some are brand new, never been worn and others are slightly used gowns from brides who are donating to this wonderful cause. tell us what is brides against breast cancer all about. >> we're all about helping those impacted by cancer and offering free support programs to the patient, their caregivers, and their families. anybody all across the country we're giving hope to and helping them out in many different ways. so brides can basically pay it forward by coming to our gown sale and purchasing one of these great designer gowns. the model on the right actually purchased her gown last year at the dupont circle from our sale. her gown was originally $800 and she scored that beautiful gown for $400. she's also linked to the mission. she's -- her friends and family have been affected by cancer so that was one of the reasons why
5:52 am
she wanted to come out and provide that support. more brides across the country are wanting to do this, save money, use a little bit for the photographer, use it for a great honeymoon or invest it, buy a hope. you can do that. we have a lot of brand new gowns available. >> the other gown is really beautiful as well. we're seeing pictures. as we said, it's not just used gowns that brides are donating which is much better than getting wet and mud and stuff like that but a lot of new gowns. and the thing about it is you were talking about how brides can use it. we did one where a bride scored a beautiful designer gown and used the money for her wedding reception, chinese american, want add traditional wedding reception and had one ofthe most beautiful parties for family and friends. and in some cases these brides are in later stages of cancer so it's almost making their dreams and wishes come true. >> exactly. we had a lot of brides about 50% to 60% of our brides
5:53 am
actually come because they're either affected by cancer and more and more young ladies in their early 30s are being affected by breast cancer. we also offer lay away. if you're in the bridal market and you have a budget and you can't afford to buy that scour tour gown -- coutoure gown, we have a great plan. >> thank you. brides, thank you. beautiful gowns. we have more information on when and where brides against breast cancer is in d.c. at the dupont on our website at just click on morning news. mike? >> just beautiful. thanks, guys. the regular n.f.l. referees will be back starting tonight. we have more on that story coming up. plus, we're going to visit the town of romney, west virginia, and get their take on this year's presidential election. jess? >> thanks, mike. a new scam is making the rounds and it's hitting some of our most vulnerable loved ones.
5:54 am
i'll have the details coming up 569:07. you're watch -- ought 6:07 -- at 6:07. you're watching 9news now.
5:55 am
5:56 am
welcome back to 9news now. the polls show president obama pulling ahead in some critical states. >> but there's one place he's almost certain to lose. the small town of romney, west virginia. it's slightly northwest of winchester, virginia and about due south of cumberland, maryland. it's a friendly place except when it comes to politics. >> reporter: almost heaven
5:57 am
romneyites say. a place steeped in history. >> this is my little town. welcome to romney. >> reporter: romney is the oldest town in the oldest county in west virginia. and the republicans have been lobbying to get the presidential nominee who shares the town's name to stop by. >> we certainly look forward to having president mitt romney come and help celebrate with us. >> reporter: g.o.p. headquarters sits on one side of route 50. democrat be hq's -- democratic hq's just across the highway. and the chamber of commerce sits between them. >> talk family, talk schools, friends. just don't talk politics. >> reporter: they subscribe to the same philosophy at the courthouse corner cafe. >> politics are kind of bad for business. >> reporter: but it doesn't always work. >> i think obama is evil. >> reporter: evil? >> evil. >> personally i prefer obama. >> reporter: romney actually has a long history of nasty
5:58 am
skirmishes. back in the civil war, the town reputedly went back and forth between union and confederate forces, some 56 times. >> abraham lincoln turned in one vote in hampshire county. >> reporter: democrats still outnumber republicans by a wide margin. the town supports lots of democrats for state office, but not for president and not president obama. >> i had one man tell me that oh, he ended that war and now what are all the soldiers going to do when they come home? they won't have jobs. >> reporter: so many west virginians dislike president obama that a convicted felon almost won the democratic primary. >> that was very embarrassing. >> reporter: lots of people in romney agree that washington is broken. >> they don't care about the american people anymore. >> we're in a mess. we're in a big mess. >> reporter: they just cannot agree on how to fix it.
5:59 am
in romney, west virginia, bruce leshan, 9news now. >> in romney they also say if west virginia was still a battleground state, they might actually have a better chance of convincing either candidate to stop by. we thank you for stopping by and watching us on 9news now at 6:00 a.m. good morning. i'm andrea roane. happy thursday. i'm mike hydeck. good morning, monika samtani. >> good morning, mike. >> she'll have traffic momentarily. >> howard bernstein right now has your weather first. >> a much mugger, milder morning than we've seen the last few mornings out there. humidity is up. we've seen had a few showers and storms overnight. i think most of date will be rain -- of the day will be rain free. we'll get rid of the stuff early and watch some more shower and storms arrive late this afternoon, maybe even holding off till after dark. 79 by noon. high about 82 in town. i think 85 or so in fredricksburg and only 75 in hagerstown. we are sitting at 68 right now. showers and storms north of us this morning. they went across places like hagerstown and frederick. you guys got woken up by the thunder this mo

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